Wednesday, April 6, 2011

How To Avoid Having A Car

Every day there are hundreds of accidents on our roads that could so easily have been avoided. Insurance premiums go up for every bump or scrape we inflict on each other and our roads are only going to get more and more congested so what can you do to avoid having an accident that might just make your car not worth keeping anymore? Here are some suggestions:

Due care and attention

Of course the biggest liability in your car is you. The majority of accidents are caused thanks to drivers not paying due care and attention to what they are doing on the roads. We have all done it: found ourselves trying to tie our shoe lace while eating a sandwich while on the phone and singing and trying to read the headline on a newsstand as you drive down the high just me?

When you drive, you need to remind yourself that you are driving a lethal weapon. Just one slip on your part could mean someone or even you lose your life so being alert and ready for anything will help you to stay safe.


Quite rightly, driving while under the influence of anything is illegal. Even driving while sleepy is a bad idea as it can be just as dangerous as driving while drunk. Being intoxicated will mean that you don't have full control of yourself, let alone a powerful metal box that can go 100mph, so avoid it as best you can.


A fundamental thing you can do to avoid having an accident today is to make sure your car is maintained properly. You might be completely sober and at the height of your awareness, but if your brakes don't work there is nothing much you can do to stop yourself driving into the back of someone. While your MOT should take care of all your cars basic elements for safety such as brakes, tyres, lights and steering, you can always get some performance car parts like special brakes which will give you that added level of mechanical safety.

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